The Murderer Next Door: A Story of Forgiveness

Jordan Maahs

Mary Johnson’s son was murdered in Minneapolis. The murderer, named Oshea, served 17 years in prison. He is now Mary Johnson’s next door neighbor.

This is not an unfortunate fluke, but rather the result of incredible, God given compassion and forgiveness on Mary’s part. Mary, who was once bitter and hateful toward her son’s killer, began visiting Oshea in prison. She forgave him and prayed for him daily. Over the course of several years, Mary learned to love Oshea and see him as a child of God. When he was released, she went so far as to convince the landlord to let him move in next door.

Mary Johnson went to prison to forgive her son’s murderer. Have you done everything in your power to forgive those around you?

Are you still harboring grief, anger, and unforgiveness towards someone?

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