Lifechanging Experience at LFM

We all need to belong somewhere.  For Tricia, that place is Lost and Found Ministry in Moorhead. Tricia is a member of the Fargo Moorhead community and longtime volunteer with Lost and Found.

Tricia’s story starts as a bleak picture of substance abuse. Drug use was part of her life from a young age. When Tricia tried meth for the first time, her life slipped completely out of control. Two of her children were taken from her, she got very sick, and as Tricia put it, “Meth pretty much ended my world”.

Desperate for change, Tricia entered treatment in 2004. She also began attending Recovery Worship in Fargo, a church that helps those recovering from addictions.

In 2007 Tricia began volunteering at Lost and Found.  Facing previous drug use charges, Tricia was hit hard with a tough reality: life in prison. Throughout the legal process, she continued to volunteer at Lost and Found, steadily giving up time each Tuesday night.  Tricia kept on because she said, “I know what it’s like to have no place to turn.”

One staff member in particular encouraged her, Tricia recounts. “Susan is amazing; she supported me the whole way.” During the legal process, staff at Lost & Found were with her, attending and giving support at Tricia’s sentencing. The sentence was shorter than expected, and she was released after a year in prison.

“The very first week I got out, I called Lost & Found,” recounts Tricia. “Just knowing I could count on it meant a lot.” Now years later, she continues to volunteer. Tricia remains humble about her contribution over the last five years, stating “Lost & Found has done more for me than I’ve done for it.”

Tricia has been clean for six years. She is treasurer for a local Narcotics Anonymous branch and was voted Employee of the Year at her workplace. She went on to receive that title for all stores in the Fargo/Moorhead area and was nominated for Employee of the Year for the entire region comprised of over seven hundred locations.

Tricia describes Lost and Found as “lots of people going to great lengths to help people.” To Tricia, Lost and Found has been a constant throughout years of uncertainty. But Tricia is only one of many whose lives have been transformed through the ministry’s work. For Tricia, it’s a constant. For others it’s a lifesaver, and for the community, it’s a no brainer: Lost and Found is needed and valuable, just like everyone who walks through their doors.

If you’ve been effected by Lost and Found, we would love to hear your story!