IPod, IPhone, IPad ­‑‑ I Quit!

Jordan Maahs

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all this new technology? It’s easy to adopt a defeated attitude and give up when dealing with the onslaught of gadgets and gizmos. Technology can be helpful, but unfortunately, it can also carry a lot of temptation and danger. Now, more than ever, children and teens need boundaries on what appropriate technology use looks like. Below are some guidelines for navigating the tech landscape:

  • Keep it open. When there is a computer with internet access, keep it placed in an area where the screen is easily visible to anyone who may pass by.
  • Say Goodnight To Google.  Consider collecting smartphones, laptops, and tablets before bedtime. They will most likely complain, but knowing that you’re doing the right thing is worth it.
  • Talk it out. Have an open and honest conversation about what appropriate tech use looks like in your house. Remember that your kids will not automatically know what is or is not acceptable to you.
  • Reward the Right. Let your Kids know when they are following the rules, and tell them that you appreciate them and trust them. The respect they feel will go a long way; not only with technology, but with your relationship.
  • Get the Scoop. Stay informed with information, and keep your kids informed too. Lost and Found has many resources available including a DVD for young kids titled “Internet Safety: Hot Tips to Keep Cool Kids Safe.” By John Walsh.

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