Healthy Eating

Jordan Maahs

I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror and marveling at my father shaving his face. Someday I’ll shave “just like dad” I thought. I would often stand on my tip toes, reaching into the medicine cabinet to take my toy electric razor. I remember feeling warm and happy, standing tall because I was “just like dad.”

Unfortunately, this principle can play out in less healthy ways too. The way that adults and parents eat and treat food directly affects children. Avoid setting the wrong type of example by following these tips:

  • Make Dinner Time Equal Table Time. Sharing a meal is a great way to connect with the family. Eating with the family ensures that no one mindlessly munches the minutes away, and adds some much needed down time to the day
  • Write it Down. Often, we know we want to make a change, but we still find ourselves falling into the same patterns. Writing down specifically what needs to change can be the difference from fat to fit.
  • Move Together. Pick something that YOU like to do, and invite the family along. Family bike rides with little ones are likely to turn into lifelong habits, long after their training wheels are gone.
  • Take a Look, Grab a Book. With so many resources available at Lost and Found Ministry, there is always more you can learn to keep your house healthy. Check out The American Heart association’s booklet “Nutritious Nibbles” or one of dozens of books on the topic.

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