Buy One, Get One (That You Don’t Need)


Jordan Maahs

When I hear the word “addiction”, my mind jumps to images of drug abuse, and alcoholism. Sometimes however, we may forget that addiction can take many forms, whether it be eating, drinking, smoking, or even shopping.  One third of Americans say they know someone who is addicted to shopping. It’s likely that a shopping addict is your neighbor, your spouse, coworker, or even you.

Can you identify with some of these warning signs of a shopping addiction, or do you know someone who does?

  • I often buy things I can’t afford
  • I feel guilty when I shop
  • My closet is full of unused things
  • I tend to hide purchases from my loved ones
  • I buy things to make myself feel better
  • I’m in deep debt
  • I feel out of control

If any of these describe you or someone you know, consider checking out a book about the subject, like “Consuming Passions” by Ellen Mohr Catalano and Nina Sonenberg, or “Emotional Spending” by L. Marie Dubuque. You can find these by visiting Lost and Found Ministry’s Library page at:

111 7th St. So., Moorhead, MN 56560